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June 26, 2015

10 Gluten Free Items to Stock Your Fridge For a Healthy Week

Guest Post by Jane Blanchard

Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult but adding in a gluten restriction can make coming up with appetizing meals seem impossible. By keeping a few key healthy foods stocked in your fridge you can relieve yourself the stress of coming up with a new meal everyday. Just mix these healthy foods into creative plates and you’ll feel energized and healthy all week long.

June 22, 2015

Edy's Gluten Free Ice Cream List (Updated June 2015)

Ice cream is generally gluten free and safe for those who have allergies or an intolerance to gluten.  Flavors of ice cream that have cookies, pretzels, brownies, cone pieces, graham crackers, cookie dough, etc. all are not safe to eat and contain gluten unless otherwise stated and specifically made to be gluten free.  Other items in the ingredients that may add gluten are coloring and fillers.  Edy's Ice Cream is one of the few ice cream manufacturers that list their items as gluten free on their website.  Below is a complete updated list of their labeled gluten free ice creams.

June 19, 2015

Gluten Free Devilish Eggs With Cheddar, Chipotle and Chives

Since it's summer time, you're probably all in need of some gluten-free recipes. I try and post as many recipes as I can but as a gluten-free teenager, I don't really have much time to create new ones! I'd really like to focus on creating more for you in the future but until then, it's nice to get some help from people who offer their recipes to be shared on here. This Gluten Free Devilish Eggs recipe is one that I'm happy to share with you as a guest post from Ted Allen of the aarp magazine. It's naturally gluten-free and something a little different to try this summer! Give it a shot!

June 15, 2015

Back From My Much Needed Vacation To Ohio

The past 2 weeks I spent time in Columbus, Ohio visiting my friends and family for the first time in over 2 years. It was definitely something I needed since it had been so long since I saw them all! I got to go to my friends' high school graduation as well as spend time with everyone I used to know back home. I have to admit that I was pretty sad to leave all them again since it's somewhere I love to stay, but I'm really excited for all the things to come with GlutenAway and to get back to work. There's a lot of great things I'm working on this summer that you'll see more of later in the year. Either way, I'm glad to be back home and can't wait to get back to blogging for you all soon. :) -Taylor

June 5, 2015

Taking a Vacation Back to Ohio For the First Time in 3 Years

On June 5th, I'll be taking a vacation back to Columbus, Ohio to visit my friends and family for the first time in 3 years. For most of my teenage life, I've been too sick to really travel anywhere by plane. Dealing with POTS made it very difficult for me to be able to fly due to the elevation change and problems with my blood pressure. But luckily now, I am finally able to fly again and will be taking a vacation back to Ohio for the first time in years. I'm really hoping that my body adjusts to the flying ok because if so, I may be able to travel to more gluten-free expos around the U.S. My main goal is to get myself to a good enough health where I can travel to any gluten-free expo I want and meet many more of you. Until then, I'll be gone for 2 weeks enjoying my time with friends and family back from the city I'm from. I look forward to getting back to blogging when I return! -Taylor

May 29, 2015

How We Can Put an End to Food Allergy Bullying One Person at a Time (From Teenager's Points of View)

Have you ever been picked on for being gluten-free? Gotten an insensitive comment from someone saying, "oh, that must really suck you can't eat gluten." As teenagers, we see bullying almost every day. We grow up in a world where food allergies are becoming more and more prominent, yet some of us are still not taken seriously. I, myself, was never really bullied much as a kid. I grew up having a pretty normal life and always faced every situation with positivity. But when I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 13, that started to change. People saw it as something that made made me different and saw it as something to pick on me about. I didn't show them that it bothered me, I didn't give them a reason to continue bullying me because fortunately enough, I enjoyed eating gluten-free. As a young teenager at the time, I thought high school would be the end of it. I assumed that only kids picked on each because surely a grown adult couldn't be immature enough to bully one another over food. But guess what? I was wrong.

May 26, 2015

Sending Out Free Gluten Free Samples for Celiac Awareness Month (May 26th - 31st)

For the final week of Celiac Awareness Month I will be sending out free gluten-free samples to anyone and everyone who wants then! You'll only have to pay for the cost of shipping but you will get 8 free samples and have them delivered right to your door! Just go to or go through this link, and get your free samples before the end of the month! Happy Celiac Awareness Month!

May 22, 2015

10 Items That People Think Contain Gluten But Actually Don't

If you're just going gluten-free, you've probably done a lot of research or at least looked into what may contain gluten. We're all pretty fortunate enough to live in an age where so much information is available on the internet with the touch of a button. A place where people can share expert information on forms and everything people need to know about gluten. It's pretty great, isn't it? As our president once said,

Man he was a cool guy. At this point I hope you know that not everything you read on the internet is true. There's actually been a lot of misconceptions going around about certain items that contain gluten, but actually do not! Here are some of the top 10 most common items that people mistake for containing gluten. I even thought some of these contained gluten for a while!